In the Beginning Was the Word...Flaring Forth...
The Transfiguration
"Do It to the Least and You Do It to Me"
The Crucifixion
 Resurrection for me signifies that after Jesus died, he went back with his Father, flying up to the sky, to the Infinite, with a peaceful look on his face. For this reason in my icon he is happy with his labor here, with the work that he has accomplished, and will be from now to eternity....  He is radiant. The gold color speaks to the splendor of Divinity. The crown in this case is a glorious crown...because he was going up with the Trinity again. Also, there is a suggestion of a spaceship, because we don't know how many other beings throughout the entire universe also glorify him, how many in all the different places he's been around the universe....So this event of the Resurrection is bigger than us, bigger than our anthropocentrism and everything else.
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